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About ME

Rotem Dror, Sound Designer and Musician, is a three-time winner of the Israel Documentary Forum Best Sound Design award. 


A founding member of the Israeli rock band Girafot and a band member between 1993-2007, in these years the band released 2 albums in which Rotem played melodic keyboards and sang, in recordings and performances.


In 2001, she completed her professional qualification in sound design at Hed college and started working at D.B. Studios. In 10 years, she honed her skills in all aspects of the sound design process, with a particular talent as a dialogue editor. She worked on hundreds of films including the features Beaufort, Jellyfish and Sheba.


Today, Rotem is an independent Sound Designer with a studio in the heart of Tel Aviv. Her resume includes feature films and documentaries that have featured at international film festivals in Israel and abroad as well as critically acclaimed TV series in addition to video art and commercials. 


Rotem is an instructor of sound design at Minshar School of Art and the Tel Aviv University School of Film and Television and a regular lecturer for the New Fund for Cinema and TV in Israel. 

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